Another victory for Ladies 1 | 28-71
October 24, 2016
Smokkelhoek – Tantalus men’s 3
November 7, 2016

It has always been a tough game in Boxtel for Tantalus, it couldn’t be different now. During the first half Tantalus outran the opposition and scored some easy points in transition, having the lead the whole first half. Boxtel reacted, used full court press, took advantage of a couple of bad minuted of Tantalus and ended up leading by 11 3 minutes before the end. Tantalus never gave up, scored some critical baskets, fought hard in defense and sent the game to overtime. During overtime Tantalus proved that defense wins games, scored only 7 points in 5 minutes, received none won by 80 – 73.


  • text: Mihalis Ampatzis

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