Win for men’s 1
November 21, 2016
First Club Event
December 7, 2016

Friday the 18th of November Tantalus ladies played a home game against Kimbria. Mihalis warned us a couple of times that it would be a hard game because Kimbria is second in the league. We started off with a sloppy defense and offence. But in the second quarter we came in a flow, defence and offence went very well. In the break there was only a difference of three points, we actually could win. After the break the team picked up the game where we left it, good defence and offence. In the last ten seconds it became very exciting because Laurie scored a three-pointer and the score was even! Unfortunately we lost the game by two points, because of a foul on our side. It was an unexpected game with good teamwork!


  • text: Tessa Muré

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