Tough loss for men’s 1 :(
January 16, 2017
3×3 Club tournament
January 16, 2017

On friday the 13th of January we had to play against the Yellow Sox (whose players apparently don’t all wear yellow sox).

We started our warming up a little strange, because we switched benches with the other team. I still don’t know why, let’s blame it on the fact that it was friday 13th and this was said to be a doomed day. However it didn’t feel that way as we started the game. We did a good first few minutes with a strong defense and offense so the other team didn’t stand a chance. As the other team had only one obvious center, our centers got some strong chances. Also our forwards got some great shots and our guard made some amazing moves. After that, it went really well for us. The one shot after the other went in, and our fast breaks worked really well.

Our second half started off messy, as the other team put up a zone in the defense. Luckily for us it wasn’t a really strong one and coach Mihalis had taught us a good play against it. After a minute or so and a time out, we went back to our strong game and finished some nice shots and fast breaks. Then at the start of the last quarter we again got a little messy for some reason again, but after a few minutes we got back into our game and won with big numbers, 59 – 30  for Tantalus.


  • text: Benthe Keetels

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