64 -37 Tantalus Ladies 1 win
February 6, 2017
Throwback Report: 69-42 win for men’s 3
February 19, 2017

Last Saturday the away game in Bemmel was on the calendars of the guys from Eindhoven. After driving through the snowy roads and getting adjusted to the weird court of Batouwe, the game could start around 20:30. As has happened more often this season, Tantalus started off a bit slow. The offense wasn’t going smoothly and some easy shots were missed, while at the defensive end there were too many mistakes. Luckily at the end of the first quarter this came to an end and Tantalus was able to create a gap. This continued at the start of the second quarter, which leaded to a score of 21-30 after 14 minutes of game time. Unfortunately we weren’t able to keep this up, allowing Batouwe to get back into the game. Score at halftime: 30-34.
Our job for the second half was clear: stop their strong center and keep creating good options in offense. In the first couple of minutes this seemed easier said than done, but eventually Tantalus found an answer by fronting well and being alert on help side. We forced a lot of turnovers and in offensive more shots started going down as well. Partly thanks to a high free throw percentage (19/22) we were able to bring home the win. Final score: 66-76.

Top scorers:
Maikel Boons: 20
Jose Augusto: 19
Sander Ackermans: 16


  • text: Sander Ackermans

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