Throwback Report: 69-42 win for men’s 3
February 19, 2017
Win for men’s 3
February 20, 2017

On Friday, February 17th, the Tantalus-ladies had to face the team of Oirschot. Although they are placed on the second last spot in the standings, you should never underestimate a team.

We started off strong with some easy baskets and took over the game quickly. After the first quarter the scoreboard showed a 22:7 lead for Tantalus. Throughout the whole game, the opponent team collapsed in defence so that we could get a lot of easy shots from the outside. In case someone missed the shot, Saskia used her height to grab the offensive rebounds and either finished strongly under the basket or passed the ball out again and offered another possession to the team. With an aggressive man-to-man defence, we only allowed them to score two points(!) in the second quarter. Halftime score: 36-9.

No big changes in the second half of the game. Due to their more or less bad organised defence, we had difficulties playing our own game because we ended up a little messy in our offense, which was all about taking shots from the outside – which again is normal when there is no defender in front of you. After a few instructions from coach Mihalis, we tried to get back to our game and tried to swing the ball around more often before finishing with some easy layups or open shots.

With them only scoring 24 points in the whole game shows that we came up with a great team defence so that they couldn’t finish easily. With our centres doing a great job in isolating the basket, Oirschot had no chance for easy earned layups, neither for second chance points. Also, our guards impressed with great pressure at the top so that no easy passes could be made and they even could get a few steals which lead to easy fast break points.
Final score: 69-24 for Tantalus and all players were able to score!

Top scorers:
Laurie 21
Lisanne 14
Saskia 13


  • text: Laurie

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