Carnaval on friday 24-02 (and a win for men’s 1)
February 26, 2017
Men’s 1 plays against Kimbria
April 4, 2017

On this Saturday afternoon, the players of Tantalus traveled to Oss for a game against OBC. Tantalus started the game with a 2-10 run, where Sander Ackermans made all the points. In the last two minutes of the quarter, Niel Hekkens added 8 points, resulting in a 25-11 score after the first period. Tantalus tried to build on their lead, but OBC started scoring as well. Therefore, the score was 28-41 after the first half, with Tantalus in the lead. In the second half, OBC switched to a zone-defense, which lead to some struggles for the away team. This lead to OBC winning the third quarter by 1 point difference. At the end of the fourth quarter, OBC switched to a full-court defense and started making personal fouls to stop the clock. Tantalus made good use of the given free throws which caused the lead to extend to 65-80 at the end of the game.


Top scorers:

Ackermans : 23

J Augusto            : 14

Hekkens: : 13


  • text: Remco van Roestel

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