Tantalus H1 – OBC H1
March 14, 2017
DEN DUNGK HS 1 – TANTALUS HS1 ends in 69-67 
April 10, 2017

The guys from Tantalus men’s 1 played their last home game last Friday night. The game was against BC Kimbria from Maastricht. Kimbria was 11th on the ranking, so it should be an easy game for the guys from Eindhoven. But the game didn’t start that way. Unfortunately the coach of Tantalus couldn’t be there. At the last practice he already warned his players not to underestimate the opponent. Before the game; José (player-coach) pointed that out again. Nevertheless, the game didn’t start that great. At the end of the quarter the score was 10-10.In the second quarter, Tantalus started more aggressively in defense. This made that the game got some more speed. Tantalus was able to get some steals and run some fast breaks. At half time the score was 35-25 for Tantalus. The third quarter took a long time. The game was interrupted by many fouls, out of bounce situations and the referees who decided to check the sheet, which cost a lot of time. Bedsides that, both teams scored many points that quarter. Tantalus made 33 points and Kimbria scored 30. The men of Tantalus started the last quarter with a score of 58-45. The last quarter was a decent one and it looked like Kimbria lost their will to win. the final score was 82-62.

Top scorers:
Bart Ponte: 18
Tosha Gommers: 17
Niel Hekkens: 14


  • text: Jasper Boelders

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