Men’s 1 – Tower Jumpers
October 8, 2017

In already the 6th game of the season, the ladies of Tantalus VSE1 played against Vido VSE1. The game took place very early in the morning, yet, when the game began all the players were wide awake. Tantalus started with a strong defense which lead to Vido scoring only a few points in the first two quarters. As a result, Tantalus had a great first half with a 7-30 lead at the break.

In the second half, the defense of Tantalus deteriorated and Vido took their chance: they managed to score many points and won this partial 17-14. As the 4th quarter started on a 24-44 score, the game became more intense. The ladies of Tantalus didn’t play as well as the first half and the two teams proceeded close to each other. With scores on both sides, the difference was maintained and Tantalus won the game with the score 35-54. Which means that:

Tantalus VSE1 is still undefeated!!
Top scorers:
Laurie Weber & Sigi Džarcāne


  • text: Wieske van Oort

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