About Tantalus

We are a student basketball association that started in 1961. For the past years we have been growing steadily. We strive to have teams that fit the interests of every student, both those that want to train and play at the highest level, and those that like to play a pickup game and have a beer in the canteen afterwards.

Our basketball year is filled with dozens of games, we organise events for the entire club which include a barbeque and a clubweekend.

Every year we host the International Basketball Tournament (IBT), where 40 teams compete to the right to be called IBT champions. Over the course of a weekend the teams enjoy themselves both on the court and off the court at the parties and barbecue that this event hosts.

For more information about this event, go to: International Basketball Tournament

The '16/'17 Board

the 56th Tantalus Board

Lisanne Grevinga


Ladies 1


Xander Ouwerkerk


Mens 4


Lieke Vermeulen

Communication Manager

Ladies 1


Jill Bay

Match Secretary & Member Administration

Ladies 1