Become a Tantalian!

Are you interested in becoming a member of our association?

Here is some general information that might help you out:

We are a student basketball association, with right at this moment, 4 men’s teams and 2 ladies teams. We are constantly growing, next year we might be even bigger.

We are always on the lookout for motivated, enthusiastic coaches.
If you happen to be one who would like coaching a young, growing, motivated team, please do not hesitate to get into contact!

In a player, we are looking for a student who is motivated to come to practice and to play games. Someone who likes being part of a club where we drink a beer together and come to watch each others games. Someone who wants to take an active part in our club, and someone who realises that being part of a club, means you will have some duties like reffing some games or doing a table duty every now and then. But mostly, someone who just loves to play basketball. Because that is what brings us together in the end!

Join our try outs!

To figure out how to fill up our teams for the coming season, we host try outs at the start of each academic year. They usually take place in the first week of September on a Tuesday and/or Thursday evening. If you want to join the try outs, please fill in this Google form. If you have any questions or remarks please send an email to

Missed the try outs this year? Don’t worry. If there’s any room left in our teams, you can still try out! Please send us an email at Be sure to mention your previous experience as a basketball player and whether you’re looking to join for practices and/or games.