Partners of Tantalus

Head Sponsor

Cafe and Bar ‘T Lempke

‘T Lempke is the proud head sponsor and ‘Stamkroeg’ of Tantalus. We as association often visit the bar, located at Stratumseind in Eindhoven, to organize events or enjoy a beer with the teams to celebrate a win.

Team Sponsors

IMC Trading – Mens 2 sponsor

IMC Trading is a global leader in algorithmic trading and market making. With offices in Amsterdam, Chicago, Sydney and Mumbai, they have a nice international environment open for everyone. Visit their website to find an overview the company and career opportunities.

Are you interested in becoming a parnter of our association? Do you want to be promoted to an association of almost 150 active students from all over europe and the world?

There are several options of becoming a partner of this active student association. Our Sponsor Committee is ready to help you become a partner or sponsor. Do not hesitate and send an email to

Do you want to get some more information about the association, download our information book here(Dutch version) to read about who we are, what we do and much more.