Sponsor the association for free

Do you want to sponsor our association for free?

You can earn money for Tantalus by shopping via SponsorKliks. This websites pays us an small amount of money everytime you shop at the participating shops. Most importantly, you pay nothing extra! All your favorite websites participate such as Nike, Bol.com, Airbnb and of course Thuisbezorgd

SponsorKliks Chrome extension:

To make sure you never forget to use SponsorKliks you can install the chrome extension. This way when you enter a website which participates with SponsorKliks you will automatically sponsor Tantalus. Go to this link to install the chrome extension!

How it works:

SponsorKliks works with referrals, by shopping on the participating websites a percentage of the spend amount gets returned to SponsorKliks which in return pays Tantalus. Often this is a percentage, ranging from 1% all the way up to 15%. This all helps Tantalus make some passive money which we will spend on improving the association, all while it costs nothing extra for you as buyer!

So next time you do your shopping please visit SponsorKliks to earn extra money without extra work.